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Vulnerable Children Act 2014

I read through this document to get a good understanding of the legislative changes around the VCA. I also attended a Board training in October 2016. The training provided a great Self-Assessment Tool for Schools.

Of note the training highlighted how the Board decide on the level of checks they wish to undertake. For example, Board members do not need checking however most schools would expect this to be done.

For example, Schools can ask all parents if they would like to volunteer as parent help throughout the year and explain that they must have a police vet in order to guarantee student safety.

Notes on the VCA2014 – Practical Guide for Schools

Notes on Child Protection Policy

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The dilemma of self-drive cars

We talked about the ethical dilemmas surrounding self drive cars and the choices they will need to make in a crash situation. When you look at all the programming and coding involved it still comes back to the idea that a human needs to tell the car mechanism what to do. So how does a person have the right to choose whether a car crashes in to a motorbike on its left or a car on its right?