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Mindlab Assignments


The great thing about Mindlab is the opportunity it gives us to work collaboratively, both in class and in our assignments. Because I am not teaching in a class this year I chose to work by myself for my assignments will two of my teachers worked together. The rest of our teaching staff will complete Mindlab over the next year, always in groups of two or above to ensure collaborative practice.

I have really enjoyed attending the sessions, working within the Google+ community and making new friends, both professionally and personally.

Here are my assignments, marks not included! But each assignment was passed. Feel free to read them and use ideas to help construct your own assignments but please don’t just copy them. Please place feedback/comment if there is anything you like or have used. Thanks.

Digital and Collaborative Learning in Context

50% weighting


50% weighting    DCL 2 – Robyn Shears November intake


Leadership in Digital and Collaborative Learning

50% weighting   LDC1 – Robyn Shears Assignment Nov intake

50% weighting   LDC Assignment 2 – Robyn Shears November intake

LDC Assignment 2 Lean Canvas – Robyn Shears


Research and Community Informed Practice 

60% weighting    Robyn Shears Research Assignment 1

30% weighting    Robyn Shears R&C Assignment 2 5.5.16

The remaining 10% is contribution to online forums.


Applied Practice in Context

30%  weighting

70% weighting