Robyn shears


In 2016, I have an external appraisal facilitated by Marlene Baty. She helps me to set targets and works with staff at my school to find areas for development. It also requires me to reflect on my own practice against the Registered Teacher Criteria and the Professional Standards for Deputy Principals.

Working through NAPP in 2016 has helped me understand the wide range of responsibilities a principal has and has helped me reflect on my own practice within leadership. I was lucky enough to have Marlene as my appraiser last year too, so I need to work even harder in 2016 to record my thoughts and achievements.

2016 – Targets

  1. Literacy strategies to enhance reading and writing through an ILE model.
  2. Curriculum Leadership – Exploring a flexible leadership model
  3. To explore and implement assessment practices that effectively inform learning partners in order to accelerate student outcomes.

Evidence against the four leadership domains