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2016 Partnerships and Networks

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How do I strengthen communication and relationships to enhance student learning?

  • Within my role as the school SENCO I complete referrals with a variety of agencies. Sometimes this role allows me to work with one agency and the whanau of a child and other times it is a team of professionals working to support a student. These groups can be harder to facilitate as they each have different agendas and wishes for the students which don’t always marry with whanau expectations. 
  • This year I have been trying to foster  greater responsibility and accountability when working with outside agencies. I am not in class working with each SEN  student who has RTLB or external support. I want the class teacher to work with these agencies, to develop programmes and targets so that they understand how the process works and also gain greater buy in, ensuring ideas are actioned within their classroom. 
  • I have attended cluster meetings and forums for the Franklin and Papakura SENCO group where MOE initiatives and best practice were shared.
  • As part of my inquiry I have been able to facilitate and attend visits to Te Kowhai Primary School to observe best practice within ILE spaces. After initially visiting these school I was able to include a follow up visit (to Te Kowhai) with my Junior Team, introducing them to the Daily 5 programme and continuing to build relationships the school.
  • In the July holidays I attended a four day Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy in Auckland. I attended with my principal and another staff member. I found this invaluable PD, looking at the nature and role of Science within a primary setting and working with like minded colleagues to develop units of lessons. I was able to work with three principals in a group looking at how the deliberate acts of teaching could be observed within lessons. It was fortuitous that all three are Franklin principals who I knew from other PD and networking. 

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