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2016 Pedagogy

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This year I have been involved in my own professional development through both the Mindlab postgrad and NAPP (National Aspiring Principal’s programme).

  • Within Mindlab my inquiry centred around how student outcomes (National Standards) are improved within an ILE learning space. My research led me to conclude that standards don’t necessarily improve, but other outcomes are improved. These centre around student disposition and 21st century skill acquisition. This literature review and inquiry have allowed me to discuss and explain with parents and teachers the virtues of ILE pedagogy and areas to continue developing. 
  • The Sir Paul Callaghan four day science training was also helpful in reexplaining the purpose of science within the New Zealand curriculum and allowed me to work with principals in considering how we evidence quality science teaching within our schools. 
  • My role at school has been to work with a team of teachers investigating how maths as a subject is taught at Glenbrook School and what changes we need to make to strengthen it further. This team approach has allowed me to coach other teachers, asking questions and challenge them to justify their thoughts and develop more robust conversations around maths and pedagogy in general. The team is comprised of teachers who have strengths in different aspects of teaching and it allows these strengths to be recognised and shared. As a team we will disseminate our findings with all staff in meetings through term 3 and 4.
  • As nearly all of our staff are completing different post graduate papers I have also needed to support them at school. This has been in different ways, from proof reading assignments, editing videos, meeting to discuss assignment content. I have really enjoyed providing an ear and a coaching voice to these conversations rather than giving the answers. A great example is one of our student teachers who I have worked with over the last two years. I helped her form ideas for her Kupe scholarship video, sharing my own NAPP video with her and talking about how to answer each questions. She won a scholarship and we are so proud of her! 

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