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2016 Culture

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Each of the four sections links to elements of the RTC and to Tataiako. These are included as tags to each blog page.

  • This year I have been able to manage challenging situations, multitasking through a crisis involving many different stakeholders; teachers, parents, BOT members, students as well as emergency services. Speaking to my principal after the event I was able to reflect on how I had remained so calm throughout. As a leader I have to be responsive and accountable for the immediate response to a major event but also keep others involved calm and logical.
  • Having the opportunity to work closely with my principal has allowed me to see differing perspectives of events and to work on ensuring the view the community sees of our school should always be in the best possible light. The first reaction of some staff to flashing lights was to take a selfie and post it online. I made it clear straight away that this could not happen especially as there were still students at school and parents may see these and panic.
  • Within this situation I had to work with a range of people, who were each feeling different emotions, to achieve a solution or end result which allowed everyone to move forward. (RTC1, Whanaungatanga)


  • Through my role as a class teacher and as SENCO I promote an inclusive school environment where diversity and special needs are not only included but embraced and celebrated. By modelling the language and actions of inclusion other staff and students follow this example. Within my class I have a student who uses both a wheelchair and a walker. My role must be always to consider how I challenge the student and remain realistic within a school setting. My PE programme must be modified wherever it can be, but on some occasions and for some trips eg.tree planting, full inclusion is not achievable and alternative considerations must be made. 
  • This year I have introduced a new Sexuality Education programme run through the school from year 1-8. I attended professional development last year and after parent consultation we are implementing a resource developed by Family Planning. I have lead multiple parent and staff meetings this year and through term 3 the programme is being taught. I have needed to explain topics sensitively and work with and around people’s religious and moral beliefs. This is also true within lessons where I need to manage possible disclosures or information which is not age appropriate. (RTC2, Manaakitanga)


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